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Wir freuen uns auf gute Zusammenarbeit!!

Wizard of Words

Exclusiv Booking für Deutschland:


Folklaw Poster

Im Mai 2017 in Deutschland:

  • 12.-14. Mai: Venner Folk Frühling (Sa. oder So)
  • 20.Mai: Hof Holz Festival
  • weitere Termine folgen

Dulahan Edition

Folklaw Poster



Bleeding Hearts

haben sowohl in den U.K., als auch Europa und Nord-Amerika gespielt.

Höhepunkte ihrer Auftritte sind das Glastonbury Festival, Farmyard Party Festival, Storming the Castle Festival, Highland Festivals, Glasgow Mayfest, Inverness Festival, Pigstock, Gig in The Park Festival, Arlington Court Festival, Coleford Festival (U.K.), das Terschelling Musikfest in Holland, das "Out in the corn" Festival und Mistelbach Fest in Österreich, Taubertal Festival, das Leipzig Festival, Frankfurt Speedfolk Festival, Staatsforsten Festival, Woodstock Festival, Rock Im Vogelwald (2009 zum zweiten mal Headliner), Celtic Folk Festival Mülheim, Eich-Kult Festival 2009 und Dalmstock Festival in Deutschland und das Sunshine Coast Festival in Kanada.

In den letzten Jahren haben Bleeding Hearts gemeinsam mit Bands wie die Darkness, Fishbone, Miles Hunt, Die Happy, Die Ärzte, The Damned, die Levellers, Fiddlers Green und Oysterband als support act gespielt.

Germany Booking by Wizard Booking

Thank you....Bleeding Hearts!!!


Wizard of Words - Deutschland Booking

Circle J

has been around since the late nineties, first as a three-piece punk band playing three-chord fun punk in every bar, squat and shitehole that was up for it. That is, until a 2002 Flogging Molly concert made them see the light.

They then decided to infuse their punk with a decent shot of folk. Bouzouki, banjo, flute, and, lately, accordion, were added to the line-up, so what started as a flirt with folk evolved into a full-blown love affair. This infusion was blessed almost instantly by The Levellers, who welcomed Circle J as support act for their Chaos Theory tour in the Benelux.

Then the band went into the studio and developed nine folk punk pearls and a gigantic thirst for more. With its sturdy folkpunk and dark lyrics, Fat Man's Chest takes the listener on a swashbuckling journey across the seven seas to the far corners of the earth.